1. tumblropenarts:

    I couldn’t hear the wind blow

    mixed media, linen. 40x50x2cm

    Artist Name: Theo Dykhorst

    Tumblr: http://knotiiii.tumblr.com/

  2. Final Piece.

    I’ve really took a liking to the metal poles. I feel this would grab peoples’ attention to question why the poles represent a deep thought.  

    Conceptual and minimalistic art.

  3. Close up on one of my small images in an earlier post.

    Beautiful organic flow, It looks like substance being sucked into a black hole (black paint in the middle) which has vain like lines growing off it.

  4. Playing around with the 2 metal poles. Being very abstract. One of the poles is rusty and weak looking. The other is taller and shinier. Thus the rusty pole is the failed figure and the shiny pole is dominating it. 

  5. Trying to sort of re-create a similar image. Experimenting with different materials like plaster.

  6. The film ‘Society’ was an influence to me before. In my Final Major Project in my Foundation course last year where I looked at Human Behaviour. I create these two images above. With the materials; paint, PVA glue and block ink. 

    They are 2 abstract figures. One feeding off the other. 

  7. There’s a film called ‘Society’ which came out in 1989. Its a weird film. There’s a famous seen where basically all the rich people feed off the poor stupid people. They feed off them because they aren’t following society. But basically yeah feeding off them because they are failures.

  8. I’ve already worked on 2 National stories. I need to work on a Local and International story.

    Most of one page was taken up by the Nude Photos situation with Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebs. Squished up in the corner is an article on a local story about a young woman who nearly lost her life at knife point….

    It seems that we don’t care if someone got stabbed unless they were famous. I’ve noticed seeing this in a few newspapers the past days. 

    Mind mapping this it got me thinking that we enjoy seeing celebs’ lives going shit.

    Because of envy? We wish we had their luxury lives? Or we just secretly love seeing people fail because it makes us feel better about our lives? The media is weird.

  9. Neater drawing example of the time line.

  10. Exact same piece but instead of pencil I used paint. Was going to use a felt tip pen but the white paint which I used to cover up the pencil markings (did not rub off) was still wet so used black paint instead. 

    Also I missed out the word ‘busy’ in the 3rd sentence.

    "They’re busy right now, can you wait 3 hours for a callback?"

    And at the end I wrote ‘Mother Dead’.

    I did not mention in the last post. I hammered 2 nails into the wall to create a shelf technique for the pole to sit on the wall.